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You may or may not know this about me, but I am a writing/book coach who has loved writing and reading since before I could even comprehend my love for the written word. Sounds cuckoo, I know. I am quirky, what can I say? 

I really failed to grasp the depth of my passion for writing until my twenties. Before then, I felt what I like to describe as a gentle nudge, yet I struggled to discern what it meant.

Own Your Story

Own Your Story

You may be surprised to hear that I landed in my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the tender age of seven. Before you freak out, let me assure you that I wasn’t an alcoholic at seven. I was there because my parents were required to be there and they didn’t have anything to do with me except bring me along. So there I was. 

Live Your Adventure

Live Your Adventure by Elizabeth Hambleton When Camille and I first started the Journaling Collective, we did so because we saw the need for consistent journaling and reflection in our own lives. The inspiration for this week comes from a similarly personal place. The theme was inspired by something that came up while I was … Read more

Tidying Up

As a writing coach, I know the benefits that come from a regular writing practice and I want to help make sure you are experiencing those.

Benefits like:

Living a more confident, balanced, and healthy life
Healing from past pain and trauma
Easing anxiety and depression
Gaining a better understanding of your life
Tapping into your inner voice and intuition
Overcoming the blocks that prevent you from embodying your best self
Feeling more empowered to make changes
Contextualizing life’s setbacks and minor frustrations

Find Your Calm

As an entrepreneur and mom of three, I’m not proud to admit that I’m always busy and constantly in a rush. 

I think it is in my nature to be in a hurry though – ever since I was little, I’ve been one of those people on a mission to get from point A to point B. My walk is more of a trot and it would be out of character for me to take a casual stroll or go window shopping.

I find it REALLY hard to slowwww down.

Take Time to LOL

Time to LOL

In honor of April Fool’s day, I thought that it would be fun to keep things light and fun this week with a focus on humor.

Are you into April Fool’s jokes? I am! I’m totally the mom who makes my kids fake cake pops with brussel sprouts instead of cake. Or I change their clocks so that they think they woke up late.

How Multi-Passionate People Can Find Their True Calling…

Rebeard Radio Podcast

How Multi-Passionate People Can Find Their True Calling… by Camille Campins-Adams Hey you! So, I did a thing… I appeared on my first podcast. I set the jitters aside and jumped right in. I am so excited for you to hear it. You can listen on Direct link here. I would love to know … Read more

Let’s Talk About Your Why… and Finding Balance

Figure Out Your Why

Let’s Talk About Your Why… and Finding Balance by Camille Campins-Adams I recently shared with everyone who follows my journey on Dama Camelia (now Campins Adams), that I will be refocusing and dedicating this website to my professional writing.  Moving forward, my plan is to fill my journal with writing prompts and tips for becoming … Read more

Being Healthy is About More Than How You Look

Being Healthy

Being Healthy is About More Than How You Look by Camille Campins-Adams I was standing in line at Publix on my way home from work yesterday and saw a picture of Jessica Biel on the cover of US Weekly that made me do a double take. Her vibrancy jumped off the page, and her soft smile looked … Read more


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