Take Time to LOL

by Elizabeth Hambleton

In honor of April Fool’s day, I thought that it would be fun to keep things light and fun this week with a focus on humor.

Are you into April Fool’s jokes? I am! I’m totally the mom who makes my kids fake cake pops with brussel sprouts instead of cake. Or I change their clocks so that they think they woke up late.

Ironically, did you know that April is also stress awareness month? As if anybody isn’t already aware of the fact that pandemics and wars and “returning to normal” and work and kids and balancing ALL the things is stressful.

Perhaps that’s why April Fool’s Day is such a fitting start to the month. I find that one of the best (and cheapest!) ways to take off some stress is with a good, old-fashioned laugh. Wishing you a month of merriment and joy!

EE Cummings

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

- E.E. Cummings

Your Prompts

Monday: When was the last time you REALLY laughed. Not lol. More ROTFL. What caused the laughter? Does it feel like it was a long time ago?

Tuesday: Who in your life brings out your sense of humor, joy, and fun? What is it about that person that brings out this side of you? Call him/her and schedule a time to chat or hang out soon.

Wednesday: Sometimes the bad news on social media or the internet makes it hard to keep an upbeat or jovial disposition. Do you get sucked into “doom scrolling” and find that you come away from your phone or tv feeling worse than when you started? How could you replace this habit with something that brings you joy?

Thursday: Do you make time for laughter and joy in your day-to-day life?  If not, why have you become so serious? How can you add more joy to your life in little, manageable ways?

Friday: Laughter is medicine for the soul. Find time this weekend to watch a comedy, read a funny book, listen to an amusing podcast, or otherwise seek out laughter. Come back and write how that experience made you feel. Do you notice yourself feeling less anxious and stressed?

Below you'll find a downloadable PDF for you to enjoy if you prefer to have these all in one place.

That's all for this week. We hope to connect with you in the Facebook group for daily accountability and additional prompts!

About the Author

Elizabeth Hambelton

Elizabeth Hambelton

Elizabeth spent the first decade of my career immersed in the worlds of fine art and fashion. While she loved the beauty and creativity of those fields, she couldn’t resist the call of entrepreneurship.

Today she's a multi-passionate entrepreneur and bestselling author who brings creativity and confidence to fellow entrepreneurs through brand design and strategy services. When She's not talking all things style and design, you can find her wandering the aisles of Target, drinking way too much coffee, and hanging out with her family.

Learn more about Elizabeth here.

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