Tidying Up

by Camille Campins-Adams

As a writing coach, I know the benefits that come from a regular writing practice and I want to help make sure you are experiencing those.

Benefits like:

  • Living a more confident, balanced, and healthy life
  • Healing from past pain and trauma
  • Easing anxiety and depression
  • Gaining a better understanding of your life
  • Tapping into your inner voice and intuition
  • Overcoming the blocks that prevent you from embodying your best self
  • Feeling more empowered to make changes
  • Contextualizing life’s setbacks and minor frustrations

If you have been journaling consistently and enjoying the prompts we are providing, feel free to connect with me in the Facebook group and share your biggest takeaways from adding this regular journaling practice into your life.

Now, to this week's prompts.


“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.”

― Marie Kondō

Your Prompts

  • We can’t change who we are fundamentally – and we wouldn’t necessarily want to – but we can change our habits and remove distractions in order to reach greater heights. What new habits do you want to form in order to grow this year?
  • With spring cleaning time upon us, do you partake in this activity every year? Why or why not? What does it symbolize for you?
  • Is your current environment conducive to productivity? Have you gotten so busy that you have allowed your surroundings to become cluttered? What about your mind? Is your mind cluttered? How does this make you feel?
  • What can you do today to improve your productivity without adding more to your to-do list? Can you spruce up your home or workspace to allow more space for inspiration to flow.
  • What in your life needs to be cleaned up? This could be your schedule, a room, a chapter in your book, your website, maybe even an attitude. Write why you want to clean it and how you plan to move forward in doing so.
  • Use extra days like the weekend to free journal or catch up if you fall behind. You can also take the weekend off if that feels good to you.

Below you'll find a free downloadable PDF for you to enjoy if you prefer to have these all in one place.

That's all for this week. We hope to connect with you in the Facebook group for daily accountability and additional prompts!

About the Author

Camille Campins-Adams

Camille Campins-Adams

I'm a bestselling author and lover of books. I have a master’s degree in creative writing with a focus on nonfiction.

While in grad school, I read and wrote tens of thousands of words per semester and loved every minute of it. 

Oh, and did I mention I did it all with two kids...ages three and under?! I'm truly committed to what I do!

I currently live in Tampa Bay, FL with my husband and three kids.

Learn more about me here.

Connect with me on Instagram here.

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