Own Your Story

by Elizabeth Hambleton

You may be surprised to hear that I landed in my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the tender age of seven. Before you freak out, let me assure you that I wasn’t an alcoholic at seven. I was there because my parents were required to be there and they didn’t have anything to do with me except bring me along. So there I was.

I learned a lot about life sitting in those meetings. For any Breakfast Club fans, it’s kind of like being in the detention of life. All kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds end up there having shared similar experiences. I think the most powerful part of 12 step programs is that they create a safe place where people can share their stories without shame. And people had some crazy stories!

There is so much power in the simple act of looking someone in the eye and saying, “I have been there too.” We long for connections as humans, and shared experiences are a fundamental connecting point.

No matter what your story is, I hope you will find both comfort and inspiration in this week’s quote:

Own Your Story

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”

- Brené Brown

Your Prompts

  • Have you ever taken the time to really think about the key moments in your life that define who you are today?  Make a list of those moments. Be sure to pay attention to the emotions those moments being up for you. Are they largely happy or sad moments?
  • Does sharing your story with others come easily for you? Are there certain parts of yourself that you hide because you find them shameful or embarrassing? Why do you have these feelings about your past?
  • Forgiveness and gratitude are the two most powerful ways to let go of the old and let in something new and better. Pick three moments you listed on Monday and write a sentence forgiving yourself or others for any negative feelings you have been carrying from those moments. Then write a sentence of gratitude for how each of these moments helped you grow, learn, or become stronger.
  • Thinking back on your life, what is your proudest moment? What in particular resonates with you when you remember this time?
  • Have you gained new clarity about your past during your journaling this week? Think about how this clarity can be shared with others. How does this clarity impact how you want to show up with your kids, with your spouse/loved ones, or in your business?
  • Use the weekend or other days of the week to free journal or catch up if you fall behind. You can also take the weekend off if that feels good to you.


Below you'll find a downloadable PDF for you to enjoy if you prefer to have these all in one place.

That's all for this week. We hope to connect with you in the Facebook group for daily accountability and additional prompts!

About the Author

Elizabeth Hambelton

Elizabeth Hambelton

Elizabeth spent the first decade of my career immersed in the worlds of fine art and fashion. While she loved the beauty and creativity of those fields, she couldn’t resist the call of entrepreneurship.

Today she's a multi-passionate entrepreneur and bestselling author who brings creativity and confidence to fellow entrepreneurs through brand design and strategy services. When She's not talking all things style and design, you can find her wandering the aisles of Target, drinking way too much coffee, and hanging out with her family.

Learn more about Elizabeth here.

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