You Have Something to Say

by Camille Campins-Adams

You may or may not know this about me, but I am a writing/book coach who has loved writing and reading since before I could even comprehend my love for the written word. Sounds cuckoo, I know. I am quirky, what can I say?

I really failed to grasp the depth of my passion for writing until my twenties. Before then, I felt what I like to describe as a gentle nudge, yet I struggled to discern what it meant.

It took me maturing into my thirties to realize helping others write and share their stories was my purpose in life – outside of being a mother and wife, of course. But we know that callings and vocations are different things, and helping others share their stories is a deep calling for me.

So, this week I want to help you break open the lived experiences you can impart with the world.

I want to encourage you to share your story… because stories transform, restore, and even save lives.

Going all the way back to the caveman days, stories have been used to share wisdom and gift future generations with lessons that can spare them pain and suffering.

Whether you are using your story in your marketing, or in a book, we all connect as humans through story. Use the power of story in service of others, but also to your own benefit.

And if you do have an itch to write a book, I would love to see you join my workshop next week. You can learn more about that here.

Now, F. Scott Fitzgerald said,

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“You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say."

― F. Scott Fitzgerals

And trust me, we all have something to say!

  • What are 2-3 challenges you have overcome in your life? How did you overcome them? Could sharing your experience help the person next to you avoid pain and suffering? Maybe you can save them time and money by sharing what you experienced?
  • Reflect on where you are in your life. What are a few pivotal moments that have transformed you into the person you are today? Were these moments of joy, pain, sadness, etc.? How did you feel in those moments and how do you feel now that you are on the other side of them?
  • Have you ever shared a story in passing with a friend, family member, or client and had them look at you in awe? Perhaps they were grateful that you opened up to them and shared your experience(s) vulnerably? Write the story below. Incorporate your five senses while writing it. What did you see, smell, hear, feel, taste while going through the experience that you shared? Dig deep… you may not think of anything on the spot but sit in silence and wait for it to come to you. As humans we are always sharing our experiences.
  • Our lives are full of story threads. Imagine your life as a blanket. The blanket is woven by hundreds, if not thousands of single threads. Each one of these threads, a single journey you took in your life. Pick one of these threads and write about it.
  • If you were at the end of your life and you had one story to share as a legacy for your family or friends, something that would leave an imprint on future generations (think of your own grandkids or great nieces and nephews) what would that story be? Think of yourself in this moment and how you may have so many questions about where you came from. This story would leave something future generations can hold onto once you depart this earth.

Below you'll find a free downloadable PDF for you to enjoy if you prefer to have these all in one place.

That's all for this week. We hope to connect with you in the Facebook group for daily accountability and additional prompts!


ALSO --> If you've been thinking and dreaming of writing a book, I offer a 3-part workshop series with live coaching that will help you get crystal clear on your book idea, cut through the noise, and write a book that makes a difference. Learn more about that here.  👀

About the Author

Camille Campins-Adams

Camille Campins-Adams

I'm a bestselling author and lover of books. I have a master’s degree in creative writing with a focus on nonfiction.

While in grad school, I read and wrote tens of thousands of words per semester and loved every minute of it. 

Oh, and did I mention I did it all with two kids...ages three and under?! I'm truly committed to what I do!

I currently live in Tampa Bay, FL with my husband and three kids.

Learn more about me here.

Connect with me on Instagram here.

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