Can Your Author Business Withstand Another Global Crisis?

Can your author business withstand another global crisis?

Can Your Business Withstand Another Crisis? by Camille Campins-Adams Baseball did THIS time… but barely. Even though it took forever for the players union and MLB to come to an agreement over how they would handle the season, I always knew they would figure out a way through. And now Opening Day is FINALLY here. … Read more

How to achieve a ROI of 4200% in your business

Email Marketing Starter

How to Achieve a ROI of 4200% in Your Business by Camille Campins-Adams You read that right.  If you were able to get back $42 for every dollar spent, you would have a 4,200% ROI.  That’s insane right?!?! Well, that’s the power of email marketing.  I’ve said it time and time again: Building your email … Read more

Stop Worrying About Your Social Media Following and Do THIS Instead

Stop worrying about Social Media and do This instead

Stop Worrying About Your Social Media Following and Do THIS Instead by Camille Campins-Adams  We have all seen different forms of digital marketing come and go, but there is one that has stood the test of time: Email. A myriad of social media platforms have risen and fallen, and for those who have continued to gain … Read more

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