Why Self-Editing Doesn’t Work

It may seem a bit self-serving for an editor to write an article about why self-editing doesn’t work. After all, if authors edited their own manuscripts, there would be no point in hiring a professional editor, and I would be out of a job. This work is my bread and butter. It’s how I get paid.

You Have Something to Say

You may or may not know this about me, but I am a writing/book coach who has loved writing and reading since before I could even comprehend my love for the written word. Sounds cuckoo, I know. I am quirky, what can I say? 

I really failed to grasp the depth of my passion for writing until my twenties. Before then, I felt what I like to describe as a gentle nudge, yet I struggled to discern what it meant.

It took me maturing into my thirties to realize helping others write and share their stories was my purpose in life – outside of being a mother and wife, of course. But we know that callings and vocations are different things, and helping others share their stories is a deep calling for me.

So, this week I want to help you break open the lived experiences you can impart with the world. 

I want to encourage you to share your story… because stories transform, restore, and even save lives.

Going all the way back to the caveman days, stories have been used to share wisdom and gift future generations with lessons that can spare them pain and suffering.

Whether you are using your story in your marketing, or in a book, we all connect as humans through story. Use the power of story in service of others, but also to your own benefit.

Own Your Story

Own Your Story

You may be surprised to hear that I landed in my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the tender age of seven. Before you freak out, let me assure you that I wasn’t an alcoholic at seven. I was there because my parents were required to be there and they didn’t have anything to do with me except bring me along. So there I was. 


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