The Most Effective Way to Increase your Author Business Revenue and Start Scaling

by Camille Campins-Adams

The Most Effective Way to Increase your 1:1 Business Revenue and Start Scaling

If I told you to create something today that will continue to bring in money for years to come, would you be opposed? I really hope not, because you would be missing out on what is soon to be a $300+ Billion-dollar opportunity. Yep… that is Billion with a B!

In the past decade, there has been a consistent upward trend in the online business market. Said trend is all about bottling up the knowledge you already have and selling it over and over again without needing to recreate the wheel. We are talking about E-Learning.

Although you may have never considered it, creating a digital course (or even digital products - think downloadables, ebooks, etc.) to complement your nonfiction book or coaching business can open up a world of opportunity by adding a new and scalable source of income to what you’re already making. We all know that time is the most valuable resource we have and as a service provider, coach or consultant, your ability to scale is directly correlated to the number of hours in a day.

So, let’s stop focusing on trading time for money. Shall we?

If you are here, I know you are serious about making an impact in the lives of others. You also know how beneficial it is to package your knowledge and sell it in the form of a book.

Creating a course is the next step you need to take if you want to convert a greater number of readers and scale your business quickly.

Easy to deliver pre-made offers like courses and digital products allow you to expand your reach by creating an offering that allows you to share your expertise with hundreds and even thousands of new prospects, without depleting any more of your valuable time.

It also, and more importantly, gives you something to lead readers to when they buy your book. It is the obvious next step they will want to take with you, especially if you currently only have high ticket coaching and consulting offers.

A downloadable resource or deeper dive into what your book teaches is exactly the call to action you need to provide the readers of your book.

This is why I always suggest authors consider adding digital products that compliment their book to their business.

As a book coach and writer, I can tell you from experience that serving clients at a high level can be extremely difficult to manage when you are trying to scale.


How Long Does It Take to Create A Product Like This?

The time it takes to create an offer can vary greatly depending on what you are creating. A small downloadable can take a day to put together while a course can take weeks or months if you want to get really fancy with it.

The time you take to start implementing a digital product or course is up to you. There is no time frame or deadline on when you have to get it done, but now is PRIME TIME to start thinking about it, especially if you already have a book out in the world.

Keep in mind, the e-learning industry is already worth well over $100 Billion… hitting $107 Billion back in 2015… SEVEN years ago! And it’s projected to grow to $325 Billion by 2025.

No matter what industry you're in, or the type of nonfiction book you are writing, you're not going to want to miss out on the chance to be a part of that massive growth.

And if you don’t believe me, just wait… because time will show you how true this is.



About the Author

Camille Campins-Adams

Camille Campins-Adams

I'm a bestselling author and lover of books. I have a master’s degree in creative writing with a focus on nonfiction.

While in grad school, I read and wrote tens of thousands of words per semester and loved every minute of it. 

Oh, and did I mention I did it all with two kids...ages three and under?! I'm truly committed to what I do!

I currently live in Tampa Bay, FL with my husband and three kids.

Learn more about me here.

Connect with me on Instagram here.

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