Struggling to Find Time to Write? Here's What to Do Instead.

by Camille Campins-Adams

How to finally get your writing done.


So, you're struggling to find time to write your book? Welcome to the club! But hey, instead of banging your head against the wall trying to "find" time, let's talk about making time to write.

1. Prioritize Like a Pro:

Let's get real – what we prioritize gets done. So, treat your writing time like a VIP appointment. Schedule it in your calendar and guard it with your life. Your muse will thank you.


2. Set Goals, Not Unicorns:

Forget about those magical "I'll write a book in a week" goals. Instead, set realistic ones. Maybe aim for a paragraph a day or a chapter a week. Small wins lead to big victories!


3. Create a Killer Routine:

Establish a writing routine that works for you. Whether it's early mornings with a cup of joe, sneaking in words during lunch, or burning the midnight oil, find your groove and own it.


4. Say 'Bye' to Distractions:

Facebook, Netflix, laundry – they're all plotting against your writing time. Banish these distractions like the writing superhero you are. Your story deserves your full attention.


5. Find Your Writing Zen:

Discover your creative hotspot. Are you a morning lark or a night owl? Find that sweet spot when your brain juices are flowing, and let the words flow like a river.


6. Get a Writing Buddy:

Share your writing journey with a buddy or a group. They'll keep you accountable, cheer you on, and probably share some hilarious writing woes. Misery loves company, right?


7. Remember Your Why:

Why do you write? Whether it's to share your wisdom, make people laugh, or escape reality, keep that fire burning. Your words matter, so keep on typing!


In the end here’s the takeaway: Stop searching for time and start making time to write. By prioritizing your writing, setting achievable goals, creating a routine, banishing distractions, finding your groove, getting some writing buddies, and remembering your why, you'll conquer the blank page and become the author you were meant to be!

Struggling to Find Time to Write?

About the Author

Camille Campins-Adams

Camille Campins-Adams

Camille is a writer, book coach, and CEO of WAY Media + Marketing. She's on a mission to empower women through transformative storytelling. Passionate about the profound impact of radical authenticity, she guides aspiring authors to navigate the creative process with confidence. 

Camille is a baseball wife, soccer mom, and perpetual student, who will argue pineapple belongs on pizza. Her educational journey involves a Master's in Creative Writing, a Bachelor's in Marketing, and more online courses than she can count. 

Residing in Tampa Bay with her husband and three children, she orchestrates successful book launches, amplifying authors' reach and impact. Dedicated to fostering fearless storytelling, Camille invites you to join her transformative journey where the power of vulnerability meets impactful narratives.

Connect with Camille on Instagram here.

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